Fixed Income Return for your Properties

Suppose you aspire to get fixed income from your property, we will help you get potential clients who can hire your land on rent for running their business. In return they will pay you a rental amount. Through this set-up a fixed income is generated for your otherwise no return value property.

Let your investments grow

If you have a fixed amount that you plan to invest in real estate market, we will help you identify multiple areas where you can split your investments. We will then thoroughly monitor it on behalf of you, identifying poor performing investments, conceptualize an action plan so you can dispose it and then re-invest in properties with higher appreciation enabling continuous money growth.

Systematic investment planning

In this scheme, the investor commits to pay a specific amount on regular intervals (half yearly/yearly) to us for over a long tenure to invest into the realty market. We do thorough research on identifying best possible investment opportunities that are available for him to invest at that given time period.


Karthik Group is open to collaborating with existing land owners to jointly develop and build in the owner's land which would ultimately fetch them a good appreciation value more