Business by Sharing Expertise

Need to build strong, sustainable, and successful collaborations!!

As businesses become more and more challenging, finding skilled employees has become a tedious task. In this scenario having a network of people coming from different fields and having years of expertise at hand can not only save everybody a fortune monetarily but also a considerable amount of time. We call this - "Business by Sharing Expertise".

Let us say you are a business owner, a lawyer, an architect, engineer,realtor etc. and want to partner with us with a business idea. Karthik Group provides you the opportunity to share your expertise and develops a platform for such collaboration inorder to conceive the idea into a successful project.

Partnership Practices

You will be one of the stakeholders; and as a stakeholder, it will be a collaboration among equals. Thus, you will be present in all the decision making process. We jointly decide on the outcomes we want to focus on; and how to accomplish them.

Joint Ventures

If you own a valuable property that you wish to develop. We are open to collaborate in a joint venture development

joint ventures

Services that we provide in Joint collaborations

  1. Overall Project Management- Project Planning,Project Design and Approvals,Project Development
  2. Post Development- Sales and Marketing of properties
  3. Construction of Residential Villas, Apartments and Commercial Office Spaces
  4. Carrying out the legal formalities,documentation and financial aspects of all kinds of realestate projects