Karthik Group Financial Arm


With a vision to invest in diverse business, offer range of financial services to new entrepreneurs, small-time business, property buyers, construction developments, we have launched a financial arm in the name of KSTAKE.

There is a size-able population of self-employed in the unorganized sector whose loan needs are not addressed as they are perceived to carry higher risk. Kstake will make property buying an easier task for buyers by facilitating fund flow through reputed banks.

Kstake has expertise is in analyzing requirements, ability to assess risk and operates in the market catering to different set of population. Kstake will act as facilitator in acquiring loans for existing business or new ventures.

Kstake can also engage with other investors to meet the funding requirements across the entire life-cycle of a project.


All our projects have tie-ups with reputed private and public sector banks. This ensures clear document verification of our projects and makes it easier to avail home loans for our customers.